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3 Facts You Should Know About Genghis Khan

Till date, Genghis Khan remains a name that causes terror among the masses, and he is quoted to be one of the most brutal leaders of all time. Wiping out around 40 million people that lowered the population of the world by 11 per cent, Khan rarely ever left a score unsettled. 

Even today, the brutalities of different leaders are compared to the murders during his reign, but in truth, nothing comes close to the monstrosities he inflicted during his rule. However, while historians narrate the incidents that give you goosebumps, expert assignment writing service is here to reveal some of the most surprising and least-quoted aspects of his life.

1. Known to be Modest
Unlike many violent rulers who solely thrived on the arrogance of their power, Genghis Khan was known to be quite the opposite. While the pharaohs in Egypt built pyramids and Caesar carved sculptures, Khan did not prefer any materialistic celebration of his rule. 

He was buried in an unmarked grave according to his wish and everyone who played a role in carrying his body to the grave or witnessed the procession was killed to protect the secret. Historians have still not discovered the place of his burial and the treasure that was concealed with him. 

2. Protected Women’s Rights
While we cannot say that he was a feminist, women under Khan’s governance were given equal rights. Famous tyrants are usually known to be extremely misogynistic, but Genghis Khan made sure that not only did women hold central positions in the council governing the state, but they also fought on battlefields and had a say in wars. He outlawed the popular practices of selling, raping and kidnapping women and ensured their safety with constitutional rights.

3. Established the Postal System
Even though it is a popular belief that the Mongol Empire ran with disorganized troops, the truth is quite the opposite. Systematic postal service was first introduced by Genghis Khan, who made sure the mails for business and trade were delivered efficiently. 

The offices with horses were set almost 24 KM apart, especially on the Silk Road, and this boosted the economy because communication became easier. Marco Polo, a famous historian, appreciated the efforts of Khan in developing such a system which quickly multiplied into thousands by the time he died.

So these are some of the astonishing facts that are often missed out when quoting Genghis Khan’s life story. From the origin of his name to the place of his burial, he led an extremely mysterious life and even today; historians try to piece the puzzle of his life together.

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